“Baret Boisson is a brilliant artist whose talented work lives in my personal collection. We are all only temporary custodians of beauty, and it is a pleasure to care for Baret’s beautiful art.”

– Elizabeth Taylor

Baret Boisson’s portrait of Sumner and Paula Redstone was featured on Sundance Channel’s “Iconoclasts.” Mr. Redstone has often referred to this painting as his favorite. In Vanity Fair magazine, December 2006, Paula Redstone points out Baret Boisson’s portrait: “See that one?” she says as we stop in front of a folk-artish rendering of Sumner and her on the shore of a lake. Water appears beneath Redstone’s feet. “Sumner really likes this one,” Paula says, her voice lowering to a mock whisper. “Because it looks like he’s walking on water.”

“In one simply beautiful portrait, Baret Boisson has perfectly captured the essence of my 5-year-old daughter. Not just her half-smile or the slight wariness in her eyes. Not just the use of Charlotte’s favorite colors and objects to border the portrait (“How did the painter know those are exactly the things I love?”, Charlotte asks, and I wonder too). But the painting has a timeless quality that makes me believe that it will represent Charlotte not only now but also at 15 and 25 and 35 and beyond. It will certainly hang on my walls and bring me so much joy throughout that time.”

– Jane Pratt

“Baret’s meticulously rendered portraits are stylistically reminiscent of the iternerant painters of early American Folk art. She captures her sitter’s spirit through their eyes and with a few carefully chosen props and a vivid and bold color palette. She is a contemporary American folk artist with a unique gift of communication and a beautiful sense of color and patterning. Like the great folk portrait painter Ammi Phillips, her work has the naive brilliance of a self-taught artist. With a client list that includes some of the worlds most famous celebrities, all get the same whimsical and incisive treatment from her beloved dog Lucky to Elizabeth Taylor!”

– Bonnie Andretta

“The talent of Baret Boisson lies in her ability to capture the essential core of her subjects and infuse her naively painted figures with complete, recognizable identities. It is mysterious and a tribute to Boisson’s intuitive grasp of the human psyche that such spareness of detail and contour can evoke the rich complexities of the individual.”

– Meghan Boody

“Baret Boisson is a living legend.  Baret’s work hits a chord that speaks of personal history; her images make you think and remind you to dream.  In a messy world, Baret’s work reminds us that simpler says more, that innocence is charming, that purity is true beauty.”

– Nancy Juvonen-Fallon

“Baret Boisson’s ability to capture personality comes not from her ability to render faces accurately, but to render expressions, presences, vividly. This is the work of a mature mind attuned to the uniqueness of personhood.”

– Peter Frank

“It is a privilege to collect works of art by Baret Boisson.  We have Baret Boisson originals throughout our home!  These timeless masterpieces bring joy into every room.  Baret’s work is brilliant and fun.  Baret’s use of vibrant color, texture and mediums brings her work to life.  In our family portraits, Baret’s extraordinary talent captures each family member’s personality, including our pets! Baret’s work is genius, modern American folk art.”

– Kathy Ireland

“Baret Boisson captures American history, historical figures, and the American way of life in a unique and wonderful blend of art, knowledge and humor. However she composes it – on canvas, wood or clay – it’s her unmistakable style. We feel privileged and proud to own a few of Baret’s creations, with the motifs of Kennedy and Elvis on two vases. No one could paint outer characteristics or capture their souls better.”

– Walter and Ann Helen Unger