Art Is Life

In this enlivening “Art is Life” art making series hosted in her working art studio, artist Baret Boisson invites you to tap into the creative process as a conduit to awaken your native sense of wonder, curiosity and play.

Baret, a widely collected self-taught artist, holds a passionate belief in our innate creative abilities and the gratifying process of creative expression. 

Your imagination, self-trust and sense of play are all you need to bring this creative process designed to embolden your spirit… 


All materials will be provided for you to create your own work of art which will be yours to take home at the end of the session. 

Each session will be limited to 8 students


Session 1: In the first session, we will be playing with the idea of a “Tree of Life,” a timeless motif common to many cultures, mythologies and folktales. Baret embraces the symbolism of the tree as a way to speak to both individual identity and connectedness. This theme is merely a template; students can choose to consider the symbolism and represent their own tree in any way they wish.

Session 2: In the second session we will further explore the theme of connectedness based on a Lakota phrase called, “All of my Relations.” It’s a worldview that encourages us to respect all of whom we share the earth- all humans, animals, trees, even the rocks and the rivers. Baret often revisits this theme in her own work and will lay out the template for each student to explore further, using their sense of play and the myriad tools at their disposal.

Session 3: The third session in this series, “In Your Dreams,” we will explore our dreams, those that dance in our head and want to take shape in living color. This can also mean painting something or someone you’ve dreamed of painting- a favorite saying,  your dog, or the lemon tree in your garden. This session will encourage you to play freely bringing any fanciful visions to life using all of the many tools available in the studio.

Session 4: In the fourth session, “Based On a True Story“, what memory do you have that brings back powerful, evocative feelings? Do you have an old photo that can be mined for a meaningful visual narrative? In this fourth session of our series called “Based on a True Story,” I invite you to come in with an old photo or a scribble about something that lives in the dark recesses of your mind. I’ll be your creative godmother as we find a way to shine a light on (even a tickle of) a memory that you want to draw out, and see what happens when it makes its way onto canvas.


Session 1: “Tree of Life” Jan 2 & Jan 16, 5-8 pm

Session 2: “All of my Relations” Feb 6 & Feb 21, 5-8 pm

Session 3: “In Your Dreams” March 6 & March 27 5-8 pm

Session 4: “Based On a True Story” April 10, 5-8 pm & April 24, 5-8 pm

*All sales are final


I have joined two of Baret’s painting sessions and plan on continuing to sign up for as many as she offers. Baret has a gift for making everyone feel supported. Her colorful canvases encircle the room—bringing inspiration and delight. She enfuses every class with enthusiasm and heart. All levels—whether a newbie artist or a more seasoned painter, are encouraged to express themselves through play and exploration. There is little room for self-criticism as Baret finds beauty and individuality in every piece. This is not a technique-driven group but one in which all are invited to unleash their innate creativity and find joy in the process. Pizza, wine, and community are an added bonus! 

– Molly Green

Baret Boisson’s Art is Life- a guaranteed experience of the divine through free and open creativity!

– Jennifer Freed 

Baret’s art studio is a place of inspiration and possibility for artists at all levels of practice. Her superpower is in igniting a curiosity to explore and express. Entering this world can be life transforming, and a ton of fun. She’s the real deal in the realm of creatives.

– Victoria H.