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Baret Boisson

Art is Life – Session 6: Freedom

Art is Life – Session 6: Freedom

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May 29th, 5-8 pm

Second date TBA

We know that kids automatically know that they can draw, sing, and let their imagination soar with absolute creative freedom. So when do we lose that self-ability to let go of judgment and just embrace that same freedom to play?

In my Art is Life! creative sessions, the purpose is not what we end up with on canvas. The purpose is being present, letting go of all expectations, and allowing ourselves the freedom to play. In the warm and colorful space that is my studio, I’m there just to support and guide, to make the experience fun and fulfilling. And I can tell you that every single person who has come into my studio saying that they “can’t even draw a stick figure,” emerges with a magical work.

To that end, the theme of the next session is “Freedom.” What does it mean to you?

I invite you to join me for a wonderful evening of discovery and soulful creativity.

Special Gift:
My dear friend Laura helped me conceive of these sessions and suggested that those who sign up would each receive a little hand-painted place setting. Now 5 months into these sessions I have gotten the hang of the routine and can add this little creative endeavor to the evening’s preparation. Caveat: You must sign up for the sessions 2 weeks in advance and provide a photo of yourself at that time.

Yay! So excited to offer this extra little treat.

See example below:

About the session: A myriad of materials, canvas, tasty beverages, organic wine, and dinner featuring organic salad, and our favorite pizzas from Bettina in Montecito are all included in this immersive, meditative, and playful experience.

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