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Baret Boisson

Art is Life – Session 4: Based On a True Story

Art is Life – Session 4: Based On a True Story

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April 10, 5-8 pm

April 24, 5-8 pm


I cherish old stories, not only mine but even my mom’s and my grandmother’s. Stories told at a dinner party or traveling on a plane. At the beginning of yoga class many years ago, our teacher Maude told a story about her parents that I still repeat today. Sometimes these tales get embellished and mixed up between lore and fact, but what resonates is a shared thread of common experience.

What memory do you have that brings back powerful, evocative feelings? Do you have an old photo that can be mined for a meaningful visual narrative? In this fourth session of our series called “Based on a True Story,” I invite you to come in with an old photo or a scribble about something that lives in the dark recesses of your mind. I’ll be your creative godmother as we find a way to shine a light on (even a tickle of) a memory that you want to draw out, and see what happens when it makes its way onto canvas.

About the session: A myriad of materials, canvas, tasty beverages, organic wine, and dinner featuring organic salad, and our favorite pizzas from Bettina in Montecito are all included in this immersive, meditative, and playful experience.

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